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Saving Farley’s Bog

Saving Farley's Bog

by Don Sawyer
$13.95 CDN
ISBN 978-0-9813164-2-0

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Saving Farley's Bog - EBOOK


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About the Book

Farley's Bog. A giant developer sees it not as an irreplaceable wetland, but as a prime shopping centre site.  And lawyer Daffy Abbott, Toronto PI Stitch Robinson’s best friend, is determined to stop them.  A familiar clash between environmentalists and developers turns nasty when a town councillor changes his vote to allow the development to go forward.  And then disappears.  What begins as a missing person investigation for Stitch turns into a murder.  And that’s just the beginning, as Stitch is drawn into a murky – and dangerous – world of money laundering, offshore banking, thugs and strippers.

About the Author

Don Sawyer has authored more than ten books. These include the award-winning young adult novel, Where the Rivers Meet, and the acclaimed non-fiction account of his first teaching experience in rural Newfoundland, Tomorrow Is School. Don is an educator and writer who has travelled and worked in West Africa and the Caribbean as well as with First Nations communities in Canada. He lives in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.

Recent Reviews

I read Saving Farley's Bog the other morning from 2 to 3:30 am. Couldn't put it down..., FABULOUS WORK

Molly Bell, community activist, environmentalist and discerning reader

I thoroughly enjoyed both books. One night I stayed up to 2:30 in the morning, which is way past my bedtime, just to see who did it. They are both real page turners! You are going to attract people with these who don't normally buy books, as well as appeal to young adults and adult learners. I can see why students scoop them up! Even though they are darned good detective stories with believable characters and situations, they manage to stay light.

They are just plain fun to read.

Tom Wayman
Since 1973, more than 15 collections of Tom Wayman's poems have been published in Canada and the U.S., including My Father's Cup (2002), nominated for the Governor General's Literary Award. His books of fiction include the novel Woodstock Rising (Dundurn, 2009), short story collection Boundary Country (Thistledown, 2007; nominated for Canada's national prize for debut short fiction, the Danuta Gleed Award), and novella collection, A Vain Thing (Turnstone, 2007). Wayman has taught English and creative writing widely in the U.S. and Canada, most recently (2002-2010) at the University of Calgary. In 2007 he held the Fulbright Visiting Chair in creative writing at Arizona State University.

It is a murder mystery set in a small urban area and the action reaches to the Caribbean. The main character is a private investigator named Stitch. He is encouraged by a lawyer friend to find out why a town concillor changed his vote to allow a controversial development to go forward. In the midst of the invesigation, the councillor goes missing. Stitch is a likeable character with great investigative skills and a lot of charm.

It's a fun, exciting and fast paced book. It's a story about money, greed, future prospects and the ultimate payback -- murder. Anyone who enjoys the classic who-done-it detective stories will certainly enjoy this one.

Decoda - formerly LitBC